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International Advisory Trade Management  

Thomas McKaig International Inc. takes pride in having built a strategically connected global corporation in cooperation with expert professional associates who mirror this total quality service and professional commitment to clients. TMI advises corporate departments of businesses within countries undergoing fundamental economic transformation. (Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, the Ukraine, St. Lucia, etc). 

This value added multi-lingual knowledge base has become the driving force in building a solution driven international trade management practice. TMI has completed 60 + projects during the past 15 years, in 10 industries (Financial Markets, Mining, Education, Consumer Packaging, etc.), for private industry, small, medium and large enterprises, and foreign governments. 

... here to serve your management and training needs, internationally!

hardhat... Thomas McKaig attending an operations meeting at Cerro Verde Mines, above Arequipa, Peru. During this mission to Arequipa, Thomas McKaig International also discussed education issues with the Director of TEKSUP, a German Trade School, situated in Lima and in Arequipa. TMI communicated these findings for follow up to be done by several Canadian and Panamanian Universities and Colleges. 


Above, Corporate President, Mr. McKaig, on site, preparing a pre-feasibility study assessing the potential for a World Cargo Distribution Logistics Centre being built on reverting US Military lands in the Panama Canal Zone. 

The Panamanian-based initiator and engine of this project from its incubation to developmental phases is Mrs. Luz de Striem, President of the Associacion Panamena de Usuarios de Transporte. She approached the Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO), a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) for assistance with the initial pre-feasibility study, which was undertaken and completed in Panama, by Mr. McKaig. 

Upon his return to Canada, Industry Canada, headquartered in Ottawa, invited 35 CEOs from across Canada to be briefed by Mrs. de Striem and Mr. McKaig on the conclusions of this fact-finding report. These business leaders learned of the potential for such a centre as a storage and distribution point for Canadian manufactured goods en route to South American markets. The project was then continued by a major engineering firm. 

Mr. McKaig's outstanding efforts were applauded and praised during a House of Commons (project write up) Discussion Period and recorded in the Hansard Transcripts. Mr. McKaig's study "will serve as a springboard for feasibility studies to follow for this world class facility". 

International Trade Management Education 

TMI spearheads select, ongoing Management initiatives by bringing students into the real worlds of entrepreneurs.


"TMI is the proud sponsor of the Ryerson University "ENT 527- Studies in Entrepreneurship" course field trip to St. Jacob's Ontario Mennonite Community."

TMI is proud of its diverse contributions to the learning process, to students and to entrepreneurs, alike. Its efforts provide students with highly advanced, focused and original in-situ business insights into existing and new entrepreneurial business ventures within rural Aboriginal, Franco-Ontarian and other communities.

TMI addresses international trade issues in corporate sessions attended by assembly line shift workers and CEOs, alike, in the following fields: Global Entrepreneurship; Export/Import Steps; International Trade Financing Mechanisms; International Institutional Funding; Cultural Diversity; Market Research; and Logistics. TMI has provided intensive training on western business methods to large groups of Ukrainian Bankers, on-site in the premises of the Ukrainian Stock Exchange, in Kiev.

 .... On Assignment in Bolivia ....

... During needs assessment review and business  development mission through Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile and Argentina.


.... Jaime Rozinsky, Senior Advisor for Thomas McKaig International Inc., and Mrs. Lucy Rozinsky meeting with Mr. Jim Karygiannis, Federal Member of Canadian Parliament (left in photo), at the "Chinese Business Expo and Conference", held recently in Toronto...

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