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Thomas McKaig International Inc.
- International Development Advisors

A message from the President & C.E.O.:

This web site details the core competencies of this consulting firm in areas of corporate reengineering, management and operations reviews, and training, within diverse industry sectors.

We serve as Advisors to companies situated in countries where structural changes in government policies including de-regulation, have eroded corporate profit and market share, demoralized staff and undermined quality customer service. Our applied knowledge base and hands on international experience assist clients in regaining focus within changing business environments. 

Client assignments have been completed in Latin America. We have provided solutions on policy formulation for stock exchanges in the Ukraine, Lithuania and Estonia. Elsewhere, our successes continue to be evidenced in North American, European, the Middle East and Central Asian projects where de-regulation adversely affects business (most recently in Kyrgyzstan). 

Client letters of appreciation and detailed multilingual curriculum vitaes detailing the expertise of core TMI team members are readily viewable on this site. 

Please contact us at one of the many multilingual links on this site to learn more about how we can make our professional and personal commitments work for you!

Looking forward to working with you, we remain

Yours faithfully,

Thomas W. McKaig,
President & Chief Executive Officer

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