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Letter from the Project Manager, South America Division

I had the pleasure of working with Tom McKaig on a CIDA funded project in support of public sector reform in Peru. As the Advisor for the mining sector, Mr. McKaig was responsible for assessing the training needs of the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Peru, particularly in the area of regulatory work.

His professionalism and high level of expertise was appreciated not only by his team mates but also by both Canadian and Peruvian officials. His sensitivity to the Peruvian culture allowed him not only to establish contact at the outset, but to achieve as planned and with success, his mission goals.

Mr. McKaig‘s dedication and motivation remained a constant throughout his assignment and proved to be an example by all to follow. Given the opportunity, I would contract once again and without reservation his services.


Letter from the Project Director

Mr. McKaig has participated in the Panama World Cargo Distribution Centre project as a sub-consultant to Delcan during the preparation of the Feasibility study for this interesting project.

Mr. McKaig’s prefeasibility study was instrumental in bringing attention to this project. In Delcan’s feasibility study, he participated in the development of the proposed project study and identified legislative constraints and issues relating to project implementation. Tom conducted his work with great enthusiasm and a high level of energy and delivered his findings quickly after completing his field trip to Panama.


Lettre du Directeur

Nous tenons à vous remercier de votre travail en ce qui concerne le cours (Financement du commerce international, FITT 3) dans le cadre du programme Commerce international.

Vos services professionnels ainsi que votre flexibilité ont été grandement appréciés. Les apprennants et les apprennantes ont beaucoup joui de votre approche et votre dynamisme.

Devant un tel succès, nous espérons renouveler l’expérience dans le futur.


Letter from the President of TRANSPAN

Now that you have completed the Pre-Feasibility study for the CADCAM project, I and the board members are continuing to receive positive feedback from the Panamanian business community about your views expressed in your Pre-feasibility study.

A recurring comment from the Panamanian business community is the question raised as to what international support would be. This set our thought process in motion.

While you clearly set up the parameters within which the CADCAM project will successfully function, we believe that it would be highly effective to know what your view of Canadian companies would be on use of the reverting lands for various purposes (including international transit shipment, distribution points for grain and other Canadian products). A Feasibility study done on potential Canadian end-users of these CADCAM services would be invaluable to us.

Might it be possible for you to undertake a type of feasibility study ("Show/Tell/Assess") from a cross-section Canadian Industries (in Canada)? By doing so, this would quicken the pace at which we are working towards, as delineated within your Pre-Feasibility study.


Letter from the Chairman

Liberation from socialism, a regress in the development of human society, is an extremely painful process and has led to armed encounters in most of the countries. Going through this process without human sacrifices has been possible up to now, due to the international support.

Due to the aforementioned, we are grateful to the Government of Canada, with whom the stay in Estonia of Mr. T. McKaig, a highly qualified consultant, became feasible. At the same time, I would like to point out that work conditions for a foreign consultant in Estonia have been and are very complicated. The Political and Economic conditions do not allow solutions that people are accustomed to use in a uniformly developing stable and economically secure country. Therefore, the adaptability of a consultant in the new situation is especially determinative.

Mr. T. McKaig made a significant job adjusting the generally acknowledged principles through compromises with the existing reality. Intense and arduous cooperation with the stock exchange brought to compiling of a conception, which can be of significant help in developing the Tallinn Stock Exchange during the coming 2-3 years. When key problems presented in the conception will be put into practice, we will be glad to inform you, and Mr. McKaig about it through the Canadian Embassy office.

Please allow me to express once again my respect for the praiseworthy work done by you. We also hope that the experience acquired here can be of use to Mr. T. McKaig in his future work both in Canada as well as in other East Block countries.


Letter from the Business, Industry and Professional Coordinator

Mr. McKaig was contracted to develop four Entrepreneurship modules for Parkland Regional College during February and March 1994.

Tom found himself working under a very tight schedule as the time allowed for this work was very short indeed. Rather than compromise on the quality of the work, he literally worked night and day to ensure its completion. We certainly appreciate the commitment and enthusiasm that Tom displayed in completing these modules.

The modules developed will form the foundation for four short classes in Entrepreneurship:

1) How to Start a Business
2) How to Develop a Business
3) Marketing
4) Home Based Business

Tom also delivered workshops to College students regarding Entrepreneurship. We believe the option of starting one’s own business is too often ignored and appreciate Tom’s willingness to introduce these possibilities to our students.


Letter from the Chairman

Mr. Thomas McKaig, an independent consultant was invited to work within the framework of an internationally funded project at the Ukrainian Stock Exchange (USE). The objective of this project was to give expert assessment of rules and regulations of the USE, its functioning and work at recommendations for future development of the Ukrainian Securities market through the USE.

During his brief time at the USE, Mr. McKaig demonstrated professional understanding of securities markets, and the ability to feel problems and peculiarities of the economic situation in the Ukraine. He conducted a series of lectures on the securities markets and Stock Exchanges, their development, and made comparative analysis of the structures and realities of Canadian and Ukrainian markets. These lectures attracted numerous Exchange, Broker firms and Bank employees and were of great interest to all.

During the official visit of the Canadian Government Trade Delegation to Kiev, Mr. McKaig managed to arrange numerous fruitful top level meetings with certain Business Leaders of several Canadian Financial Institutions.

Deep and detailed analysis of the USE and the state and potential of the Ukrainian Securities market is reflected in Mr. T. McKaig’s report, whose main provisions and conclusions will undoubtedly be very important to all future Exchange activity.

It was a pleasure to work with Mr. McKaig, whose professional skills, efficiency as well as personal qualities made work with him, useful and pleasant for all members of the Exchange.

I hope that on future similar projects, we will have the pleasure of working with Mr. T. McKaig again.


Letter from the Chief Executive Officer Europe & Middle East

Mr. McKaig’s mandate was to advise the WGC on Pan-European Consumer Investment approaches to Gold Markets aimed at increasing gold off take through banks and other financial institutions.

His proposed projects included a Gold Certificate Program in conjunction with the European Options Exchange, Amsterdam and increased advertising and promotion ventures with International Mints.

The initial efforts pertained to Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium and Holland with eventual projections for business development in France, Spain and Italy.

In his collaboration with the Council, Mr. McKaig proved to be a highly creative and efficient manager, opening new ground for the Investment Division and identifying new areas of activity which were successfully exploited by the Council staff.


Letter from the Coordinator

For the past year, Tom McKaig instructed Political Studies 110.6 at the University of Saskatchewan, Arts and Science Site, in Yorkton.

I have found Tom to be an extremely conscientious and dedicated Instructor. His personable manner is enhanced by his knowledge of the subject material, and by his engaging approach to instruction.

Our students spoke very highly of Tom. Although he presented a very challenging course, I know a number of students have decided to continue with senior Political Studies courses.

I have enjoyed working with Tom and will miss his expertise in the upcoming year.


Letter from the President of TRANSPAN

For the last month and since you came to Panama as a consultant, you have shown your willingness and proven your desire to produce a valuable document concerning the Pre-Feasibility study of Transpan’s initiative of a World Cargo Distribution Center in our country.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express our gratitude for the magnificent study you have accomplished which no doubt, will be of great value to the realization of the Feasibility study, the next steps to be taken, in order to make our project a reality.

It has been a pleasure working with you and we hope that we will have the opportunity to have the honor of your visit in Panama in the near future.


Letter from the Professor and Head, Department of Political Studies

Thomas W. McKaig was an Instructor for the University of Saskatchewan, teaching POLST. 110.6, Introduction to Political Studies in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. In this capacity, he consulted with me frequently since I am Head of the Department under whose supervision this course was taught. I found Mr. McKaig to be a most cooperative and conscientious colleague, taking great pains to ensure that his students were properly taught and fairly treated. I recommend him strongly.


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